Thriving Customers

As a local community bank, there is no greater measure of our success than when our customers thrive. We pride ourselves on making dreams possible and guiding customers through every major financial milestone in their lives.


Meeting Customers Where They Are

At ASB, we are committed to making banking easy for our customers. All of our locations, products and services are designed to provide ease, convenience, personalization and the best possible experience for our individual and business customers, no matter if they choose to interact with us in-person, over the phone or by using one of our digital banking options.


We have branches on five islands – Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, Kauai and Molokai – and our online banking platforms and Customer Banking Center (telephone banking center) make our tools accessible to everyone.


Our customers are primarily residents and businesses in the state of Hawaii and while that may seem like it limits our potential for growth, we think being able to commit nearly 100 percent of our time, resources and energy to serving the people and businesses of Hawaii is one of our competitive advantages.

ASB Banker with Customer

Anytime, Anywhere Banking

The bread and butter of our business has always been our strong branch network and friendly and knowledgeable bankers who take the time to get to know customers and provide tailored solutions to address their specific needs and goals.


locations across the state and ...

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29 offering weekend hours, we strive to provide customers with banking options that meet their needs and lifestyle.

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We are also seeking opportunities to enhance our Customer Banking Center, which customers can call for support seven days a week, including most holidays. While most customers go to our website for answers to their common questions, some prefer to speak with one of our Call Center bankers for more specific support. Our team of skilled bankers not only responds to customer inquiries, they also proactively reach out to customers to provide financial guidance and support based on their anticipated needs.


The pandemic certainly shifted the way our customers prefer to manage their finances, and we've had to adapt to those changes. Since many of our customers now complete their common banking transactions online or using our ASB Hawaii Mobile App, over the years, we’ve made strategic decisions to consolidate some of our locations to align with customers’ evolving banking preferences. 

To meet customers’ evolving needs, ASB continues to invest in technology and enhance our digital banking solutions. Along with these shifts, we’ve also gained opportunities to streamline and automate processes and support our teammates in delivering an even better customer experience.

Prior to COVID-19, about


of deposit transactions were made using an ATM, or our ASB Hawaii Mobile ...

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In December 2019, prior to Covid-19, approximately 18 percent of deposit transactions were made using an ATM or our ASB Hawaii Mobile App. Just three years later, that number has increased to nearly 54 percent and customers have expressed interest in accessing their banking from home, on-the-go and at any time of the day.

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ASB ranked

No. 0

in this category among all other local financial institutions. 

Easy and Online Mobile Banking

In a 2022 Brand Equity Survey conducted by Ward Research, Hawaii residents indicated “easy to use online and mobile banking” as the most important factor in choosing a primary bank. And, for the second year in a row, ASB ranked No. 1 in this category among all other local financial institutions.

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Online Banking

Our online tools and resources continue to be the preferred method of banking for many of our customers. Below are some of the easy and convenient digital banking services we offer, with more on the way.

Online Account Opening

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Mortgage Application

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Online Account Opening

Customers can easily open a checking, savings or Certificate of Deposit account within minutes on their tablet, phone, laptop or personal computer.

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Mortgage Application

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Online Account Opening

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Mortgage Application

For many, obtaining a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. ASB makes dreams possible with end-to-end solutions that help remove some of the stress of buying a home. With our user-friendly online mortgage form, customers can provide information needed to apply for a mortgage and upload documents from their laptop, phone or tablet in a fraction of the time.


Once a completed form is submitted, one of our experienced ASB loan officers will follow-up on next steps. We go above and beyond to help customers quickly close on a new home so they can start living their dreams sooner.

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ASB Hawaii Mobile App

Through the ASB Hawaii Mobile App, customers can safely manage their finances with ease. Below are some easy and convenient services that customers are loving on our app:

In 2022, we upgraded our Pay-a-Friend service to Zelle, a secure, fast and more convenient way to send money digitally to friends and family. With Zelle, customers can complete transactions within minutes if the recipient is enrolled in the platform, split payments, schedule one-time and recurring payments and easily view and track daily and monthly transaction limits. 

Mobile Check Deposit

Our ASB Hawaii Mobile App makes it easy for customers to deposit checks directly into their ASB accounts. Customers can simply sign their check and complete their deposit by taking a picture of the front and back. No need to visit a branch or ATM. Now that’s banking made easy!

Digital Centers 

ASB teammate helping customer at Digital Center
In response to our customers’ changing needs and banking preferences, we opened three ASB Digital Centers (two on Oahu and one on Kauai) and introduced customers to a first-of-its-kind way of banking in Hawaii. With no traditional teller windows, customers complete their common banking transactions at our full-service ATMs. They can also speak in-person with an experienced banker for help with their unique financial needs and goals, learn through banker-guided demonstrations about our online and mobile banking options, or connect virtually with other bankers for additional support and services using an on-site meeting room. At our ASB Digital Centers, customers can expect an easy and convenient digital banking experience and receive the same warm and friendly service they would at any ASB branch.


At our full-service ATMs that are conveniently located across the state, customers can safely and securely complete common transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries and more. They can deposit a combination of up to 99 bills and checks without an envelope, choose to receive cash in denominations of 20s or 100s and select a paper, email or text receipt – and your receipt preferences will be stored for your future visits. Customers no longer need to visit a branch during business hours to complete common transactions; our ATMs make it faster and easier to bank on-the go.


Customers scheduling an appointment online

Schedule Appointments Online

Our friendly and knowledgeable bankers are here to help make dreams possible, whether customers prefer to speak virtually, over the phone or in-person. Customers can visit or our mobile app and log in to online banking to quickly and easily schedule an appointment by choosing a date, time and location that fits their schedule. That means no more waiting at a branch for the next available banker; simply use our availability calendar and start receiving sound financial advice.

Engaging Our Customers 

Customer Feedback

At ASB, feedback and collaboration are core to our company culture. We regularly seek customer feedback through surveys, comment forms and focus groups to ensure we are providing the best possible service, making banking easy and continually finding ways to improve.


As more customers conduct their banking transactions online or using our mobile app, we are focused on ensuring their digital experience mirrors the simple, secure, personalized support they would receive from any of our bankers and locations.

Resolving Customer Complaints

In addition to surveys and focus groups, we invite customers to provide feedback directly to our branch or Customer Banking Center teammates. Although we wish every interaction was an exceptional one, from time to time we are made aware of issues and opportunities to improve which we take seriously.


Teammates who receive a complaint notify their manager, who will address the situation or escalate it to the appropriate team member for resolution. We also monitor ASB’s social media sites and other online comment boards for customer feedback. Our Consumer Banking and Communications teams will reach out directly to customers to better understand any negative experiences and work with the appropriate ASB teammates to address concerns.


On a quarterly basis, our Consumer Banking, Legal and Compliance teams review trends in customer feedback to identify any accessibility issues and assess whether any policies or procedures need to be revisited.

Committed to Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience

Average NPS is


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In January 2023, our average NPS, whether customers interact with us in-person, over the phone or digitally was 72

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Building trust and creating strong relationships with our customers are key to our success. We don’t just aim to assist customers with their everyday banking transactions – that’s the easy stuff. Our bankers find real satisfaction in hearing about our customers' goals and challenges and then partnering to come up with personalized solutions to help achieve their financial milestones.


One indicator that we’re making banking easy and delivering an excellent customer experience is our Net Promoter Score (NPS). We frequently survey customers and ask how likely they are to recommend ASB to their family and friends. The average of their responses is our NPS. While this is just one of the many metrics we use to track performance and improve our service, it’s a strong indicator of how happy our customers are banking at ASB.


A higher NPS means we’re on the right track and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience and build on our already strong reputation for being a bank that truly cares about taking care of our customers and uplifting Hawaii.

Secure Digitalization

Female looking at mobile device with ASB personal debit card

We recognize the trust that our customers place in us when they deposit their hard earned money, consult our bankers or take out a loan with us.


Protecting our customers begins with ASB providing the information customers need to make informed decisions about opening an account, taking out a loan or making an investment. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and provide customers with appropriate disclosures as required of financial institutions.

Customers who open accounts should know that we have their best interests in mind. We train our tellers, personal bankers and operations teammates to recognize counterfeit, forged or altered checks, as well as signs of identity theft and elder abuse.


Our Enterprise Risk and Fraud teams monitor transactions to identify potential fraud and other unlawful activity. If we detect suspicious activity, our experienced fraud investigators will promptly conduct an investigation and provide any appropriate redress to the customer. If customers detect any fraudulent or suspicious activity on their ASB accounts, they are encouraged to immediately contact our Customer Banking Center.

Safeguarding Customer Information 

Safeguarding our customers’ confidential information is one of our top priorities. We devote significant resources to regularly maintain and update our systems and processes to protect the security of our computer systems, software, networks and other technology assets that store customer information.

Male on computer for Cybersecurity

As we continue to expand online access and tools for customers, ASB has adopted a robust information security program to monitor, detect and mitigate cyberattacks. We have implemented administrative, physical and technical controls, including layers of firewalls and data security software, regular risk and security assessments, access control, monitoring, penetration testing, vendor engagement reviews and training to protect sensitive information.

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The ASB Information Security Program is based, in part, on section 501(b) of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the associated Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information and guidance provided by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework (version 1.1) and the Center for Internet Security’s 18 Critical Security Controls.

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Globally, phishing and smishing are the primary methods of attack for unauthorized access to systems and information. Our teammates receive regular training on how to protect information and avoid social engineering attacks. Our Information Security team routinely tests our teammates’ knowledge with simulated emails and attempts at phone-based social engineering. We also provide regular updates to our teammates and customers on the latest scams.